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In Stock IZone Air Curtain 3 Feet IZ 303

High Efficiency

Powerful Air Flow

Safety & Reliability

Smart Control

Quite Efficient Motor and Fan

Remote Control

Key Switch

Copper Motor

Elegant Design

Commercial and semi commercial use for hospitals , restaurants , cafeterias , bakeries , grocery stores ,etc

Seprates hot air from cold air as well maintains temperature between two environments

Prevents flies insects and air and noise pollution

Enhances the working of air conditioners

100% Copper Motor

Powerful Air Flow

Adjustable Deflector

Selectable Fan Seed with a Switch Control (High/Low/Off)

Remote Controlled

1 Year Warranty

Low Specifications

  • Size 900 MM
  • 1.2 Ampere
  • 260 Watts
  • Outlet velocity 18 m/s
  • Noise 65 dB

High Specifications

  • Size 900 MM
  • 1.3 Ampere
  • 280 Watts
  • Outlet velocity 21 m/s
  • Noise 67 dB

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IZone Air Curtain 3 Feet IZ 303

  • Product Code: IZ 303
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Rs. 15,799


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