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Baby Care

Baby Care

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Beurer Advanced Electric Milk Pump BY 60

Vacuum technology:Very comfortable use with 10 stimulation levels and 10 pumping levelsMemory functi..

Rs. 14,499

Beurer Baby Care Monitor BY 88

More than just a standard baby monitor: see on your own device what's going on at any time! Whether ..

Rs. 14,799

Beurer Baby Monitor JBY 92

With handy wrist band for maximum mobilityIntercom function – to quickly calm down your baby with yo..

Rs. 9,499

Beurer Baby Monitors JBY 86

JBY 86 ProductJBY 86 Product nameAnalogue baby mon..

Rs. 7,999 Rs. 7,699

Beurer Baby Video Monitor Dual BY 99

More than just a standard baby monitor: see and hear what's going on at any time on your own device!..

Rs. 23,499

Beurer Baby Video Monitor JBY 101

EcoMode for low emission and energy efficient transmissionAutomatic video surveillance also in the d..

Rs. 23,999

Beurer Digital Baby Food Warmer JBY 52

2 in 1: Warming up and keeping warmWith LED-display for clearly indicating the temperatureGentle and..

Rs. 2,999

Beurer Digital Baby Scale JBY 80

Contoured weighing surfaceHold function to weigh romping babiesEasy to cleanTare weighing function50..

Rs. 6,499

Beurer Digital Steam Sterilizer BY 76

Quick and highly effectiveWith LED display to indicate the remaining sterile timeDisinfects up to 6 ..

Rs. 6,999

Beurer Electric Milk Pump BY 40

Vacuum technology:Very comfortable use with 10 stimulation levels and 10 pumping levelsMemory functi..

Rs. 8,999

Beurer Electronic Toothbrush JZA 70

Suitable for children3 cleaning settings for thorough cleaning of teeth and gumsSetting Medium for c..

Rs. 1,499

Beurer Express Thermometer BY 11

Digital EXPRESS fever thermometerExtra fast measurement in approx. 10 secondsFlexible measurement ti..

Rs. 1,299

Beurer Mother and Baby Scale JGS 22

Weighing in familiar arms: hold your baby safely in your arms for weighing.Tare weighing functionGre..

Rs. 3,999

Beurer Replacement Bristles JZA 04

Suitable for childrenExtra small toothbrush heads with rounded bristles4 replacement bristles suitab..

Rs. 1,599

Beurer Replacement Bristles JZA 07

4 replacement bristles suitable for JZA70For children over 7 yearsIdeal for cleaning bracesWith rubb..

Rs. 1,599

Laica Baby Weight Scale BF 2051

- Compact design and elegance with white mainstream, combined with the lovely Micky Mouse- Maybe bal..

Rs. 7,399

Laica Baby Weight Scale PS3001

Helps to monitor the growth of your baby and healthy weight as per doctors advice.Large LCD display ..

Rs. 5,299 Rs. 4,599