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Leading cleaning appliances are available at Shopone.pk at the best prices in Pakistan.
Shopone.pk is also the official representative of Karcher Products Online at the lowest prices.

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WestPoint Vacuum Cleaner WF 3601

Casual Type: Steel PipeWatts: 1200 WattsCapsule typeColor: Black/Grey..

Rs. 6,399

Black and Decker Handy Car Vacuum Cleaner PAV 1205

OverviewFeatures + BenefitsThe pivoting nose has 10 settings for maximum flexibility to clean in har..

Rs. 6,999

Black and Decker Handy Vacuum Cleaner PAV 1205

The Black & Decker NW4820N Dustbuster is a cordless hand vac that is ideal for easy cleaning of ..

Rs. 4,999

Black and Decker Vacuum Cleaner VM 1450

1400 W of power1.0 L cloth dust bagNylon fiber pre motor & exhaust filterAutomatic Cord Rewindin..

Rs. 9,499

Black and Decker Vacuum Cleaner VM 1650

1600 W of powerAutomatic Cord WindingAdjustable Suction ControlPermenant Cloth BagCompact designStai..

Rs. 10,499

Black and Decker Vacuum Cleaner WV 1400

1800 W of power handles the toughest of tasksBlower function helps in blowing dust & debris from..

Rs. 16,299

Hyundai Pressure Washer ABW VBC 70

FEATURESCarbon Brush MotorAutomatic Stop SystemNew Innovation,More Convenience,Easy to InstallVari N..

Rs. 10,899

Karcher 3 in 1 Car Shampoo

COMPATIBLE MACHINESK2 CompactK2 Compact Car & HomeK2 Compact HomeK2 HomeK2 Premium HomeK4K4 Comp..

Rs. 1,449

Karcher Car Interior Cleaning Kit

Extensive accessory kit for all jobs in the car. For cleaning car boots, footwells, dashboards, seat..

Rs. 7,799

Karcher Cordless Broom K55 Plus

Karcher Cordless electric broom K 55 Plus Description SPECIFICATION:Container capacity (l)..

Rs. 10,999

Karcher FC5 Mop Vacuum

Vacuum and wipe with the FC 5 from KärcherIn many households, weekend plans often include cleaning. ..

Rs. 0

Karcher Foam Nozzle FJ 6

Detergent application Detergent consumption depends on useTransparent detergent container Contents a..

Rs. 2,499

Karcher Hard Floor and Carpet Extraction SE 4001

The SE 4001 spray extraction cleaner cleans deep into the fibres of textile surfaces, e.g. carpets, ..

Rs. 32,999

Karcher Hose Trolley Kit HT 4520

The Kärcher Hose Trolley Kit HT 4520 is a fully assembled, mobile and easy to transport solution for..

Rs. 10,499

Karcher Indoor Tap Connector

Simplify garden maintenance with an efficient watering system from Kärcher. Kärcher offers a complet..

Rs. 999

Karcher K3 Pressure Washer

The Kärcher 'K3 Car' - with Car Kit including washing brush,foam nozzle, and 0.5 litter car shampoo...

Rs. 24,499