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A range of Attachments and Accessories to go with your Karcher Products

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Karcher 3 In 1 Shampoo Detergent 5 Liters

Dispense directly from your pressure washerCan be alternatively mixed in a bucket with water and app..

Rs. 2,499

Karcher 3 in 1 Car Shampoo

COMPATIBLE MACHINESK2 CompactK2 Compact Car & HomeK2 Compact HomeK2 HomeK2 Premium HomeK4K4 Comp..

Rs. 1,449

Karcher 6 M Pressure Hose

6m Extension to increase your working radiusStrengthened by textile meshworkWith kink protection and..

Rs. 6,499

Karcher 9 M Pressure Hose

9 m high-pressure replacement hose for Kärcher domestic pressure washers (K3 – K7) from 2009 or late..

Rs. 7,499

Karcher Dirt Blaster Pressure Washer Lance

If you need to remove tough, stubborn dirt you’ll find the Dirt Blaster is up to the job. Kärcher pr..

Rs. 5,499

Karcher Foam Nozzle FJ 6

Detergent application Detergent consumption depends on useTransparent detergent container Contents a..

Rs. 2,499

Karcher Indoor Tap Connector

Simplify garden maintenance with an efficient watering system from Kärcher. Kärcher offers a complet..

Rs. 999

Karcher Large Filter Bags 5 Set

High-performance2-ply paper filter bagHigh-strength filter bags for reliable fine dust retentionCont..

Rs. 3,999

Karcher Large Surface Brush WB60

The Kärcher WB60 has a working width of 248 mm makiing it ideal for cleaning large areas such as con..

Rs. 3,499

Karcher Pipe Cleaning Hose 7.5 M

Pipe cleaning set with 7.5 m hose for clearing blockages in pipes, drains, downpipes and toilets. Fo..

Rs. 7,499

Karcher PrimoFlex Plus Hose 20Meters

This 20m PrimoFlex Plus hose is the perfect addition to your gardening and outdoor mainten..

Rs. 5,999

Karcher Rotating Brush WB100

The Kärcher WB100 rotating wash brush is perfect for cleaning all smooth surfaces, e.g. paint, glass..

Rs. 5,999

Karcher Short Vario Angle Lance

Features & Benefits:Unlimited adjustment - The pressure can be adapted to the cleaning task.Time..

Rs. 3,999

Karcher Small Filter Bags 5 Set

High-performance2-ply paper filter bagHigh-strength filter bags for reliable fine dust retentionCont..

Rs. 2,499

Karcher Textile Care Nozzle

Textile care nozzle freshens and removes creases from clothes and fabrics and effectively removes od..

Rs. 2,999

Karcher Threadless Outdoor Tap Adaptor

The Kärcher threadless tap adaptor is designed for connecting hoses with connectors to threadless ta..

Rs. 999

Karcher Trigger Gun For K2 Series

Gun changing made easy. Replacement gun for all Kärcher K2 – K7 series domestic pressure washers. Su..

Rs. 4,999

Karcher Underbody Chassis Cleaner

No matter whether you have a car with a lowered chassis, an SUV or a mobile home, thanks to the adju..

Rs. 9,999

Karcher Universal Cleaner Detergent 5 Liters

Liquid universal cleaner with especially gentle cleaning actionRapidly separates oil/water in the oi..

Rs. 2,499

Karcher Universal Hose Adapter

Here is a universal Aquastop hose connector from Karcher. This hose connector is durable, watertight..

Rs. 999