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A range of Attachments and Accessories to go with your Karcher Products

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Karcher 3 in 1 Car Shampoo

COMPATIBLE MACHINESK2 CompactK2 Compact Car & HomeK2 Compact HomeK2 HomeK2 Premium HomeK4K4 Comp..

Rs. 1,449

Karcher Car Interior Cleaning Kit

Extensive accessory kit for all jobs in the car. For cleaning car boots, footwells, dashboards, seat..

Rs. 7,799

Karcher Foam Nozzle FJ 6

Detergent application Detergent consumption depends on useTransparent detergent container Contents a..

Rs. 2,499

Karcher Indoor Tap Connector

Simplify garden maintenance with an efficient watering system from Kärcher. Kärcher offers a complet..

Rs. 999

Karcher PrimoFlex Plus Hose 20Meters

This 20m PrimoFlex Plus hose is the perfect addition to your gardening and outdoor mainten..

Rs. 4,999

Karcher Short Vario Angle Lance

Features & Benefits:Unlimited adjustment - The pressure can be adapted to the cleaning task.Time..

Rs. 3,899

Karcher Textile Care Nozzle

Textile care nozzle freshens and removes creases from clothes and fabrics and effectively removes od..

Rs. 2,999

Karcher Threadless Outdoor Tap Adaptor

The Kärcher threadless tap adaptor is designed for connecting hoses with connectors to threadless ta..

Rs. 999

Karcher Underbody Chassis Cleaner

No matter whether you have a car with a lowered chassis, an SUV or a mobile home, thanks to the adju..

Rs. 9,999

Karcher Universal Hose Adapter

Here is a universal Aquastop hose connector from Karcher. This hose connector is durable, watertight..

Rs. 999

Karcher Wash and Wax Pouch 500 ml

SPECIFICATIONSTechnical dataPackaging size (ml)500COMPATIBLE MACHINESK 2 CompactK 2.350K 2.360K 2.42..

Rs. 1,299

Karcher Water Filter

SPECIFICATIONSTechnical dataWeight (kg)0.099Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)200 x 125 x 50COMPATIBLE MACH..

Rs. 1,899

Karcher Wheel Washing Brush

The Kärcher wheel wash brush has all-round bristles which ensures extremely effective cleaning. This..

Rs. 3,399