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Now you can choose from a wide variety of Karcher Cleaning Products .

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Karcher Cordless Broom K55 Plus

Karcher Cordless electric broom K 55 Plus Description SPECIFICATION:Container capacity (l)..

Rs. 10,999

Karcher Patio Cleaner T350

With the Kärcher T350 patio cleaner, large outdoor surfaces can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. ..

Rs. 7,499

Karcher Power Scrubber PS 40

The Kärcher PS40 power scrubber comes with three integrated high-pressure nozzles, this means that i..

Rs. 6,599

Karcher Steam Cleaner SC2

It can sometimes take more than a light scrubbing to see the results you want in your home, but this..

Rs. 19,999

Karcher Textile Care Nozzle

Textile care nozzle freshens and removes creases from clothes and fabrics and effectively removes od..

Rs. 2,999

Karcher Vacuum Floor Polisher FP303

The Kaercher FP 303 is a complete solution for the professional cleaning and care of hard floors: Fl..

Rs. 32,999

Karcher Window Cleaner WV 50

SPECIFICATION:Working width of suction nozzle (mm) 280Waste water container capacity ..

Rs. 9,999