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Intel AXX3U5UPRAIL Advanced Rail Kit For Intel Server Chassis P4000 Family

AXX3U5UPRAILBlackAdvanced rail kit for P4000M/P4000L/P4000L-WS Server Chassis used when converting P..

Rs. 10,999

Intel Compute Module MFS2600KI

SPECIFICATIONSEssentialsStatusEnd of LifeLaunch DateQ3’12Expected DiscontinuanceQ1’13EOL AnnounceSun..

Rs. 102,799

Intel CPU Celeron G1610

EssentialsStatusLaunchedLaunch DateQ1 ’13Processor NumberG1610# of Cores2# of Threads2Clock Speed2.6..

Rs. 4,799

Intel CPU Core i3 3220

SPECIFICATION:Brand: IntelModel: BX80637i33220Series: Core i3Processors Type: DesktopCPU Socket Type..

Rs. 13,199

Intel CPU Core i3 3220 Bridge Processor

Processor Numberi3-3220No of Cores2No of Threads4Clock Speed3.3 GHzIntel Smart Cache3 MBBus/Core Rat..

Rs. 13,299

Intel CPU Core i5 3470

BrandIntelSeriesCore i5ModelBX80637i53470CPU Socket TypeLGA 1155CoreIvy BridgeMulti-CoreQuad-CoreNam..

Rs. 21,499

Intel CPU Core i5 4440

ManufacturerIntelModelCore i5-4440Part #BX80646I54440Data Width64-bitSocketLGA1150Speed3.1GHzCores4L..

Rs. 21,299

Intel CPU Core i5 4570

Manufacturer IntelModel Core i5-4570Part # BX80646I54570Data Width 64-bitSocket&..

Rs. 22,899

Intel CPU Core i5 4590

EssentialsStatusLaunchedLaunch DateQ2’14Processor Numberi5-4590# of Cores4# of Threads4Clock Speed3...

Rs. 23,099

Intel CPU Core i5 4670

ManufacturerIntelModelCore i5-4670KPart #BX80646I54670KData Width64-bitSocketLGA1150Speed3.4GHzCores..

Rs. 24,499

Intel CPU Core i5 4670K

ManufacturerIntelModelCore i5-4670KPart #BX80646I54670KData Width64-bitSocketLGA1150Speed3.4GHzCores..

Rs. 26,299

Intel CPU Core i5 4690

ManufacturerIntelModelCore i5-4690Part #BX80646I54690Data Width64-bitSocketLGA1150Speed3.5GHzCores4L..

Rs. 24,899

Intel CPU Core i7 3770

ManufacturerIntelModelCore i7-3770Part #BX80637I73770Data Width64-bitSocketLGA1155Speed3.4GHzCores4L..

Rs. 32,199

Intel CPU Core i7 3770K

Intel BX80637I73770K Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge 3.5GHz LGA 1155 77W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel ..

Rs. 35,599

Intel CPU Core i7 4770

BrandIntelSeriesCore i7ModelBX80646I74770CPU Socket TypeLGA 1150CoreHaswellMulti-CoreQuad-CoreOperat..

Rs. 34,799

Intel CPU Core i7 4770K

BrandIntelSeriesCore i7ModelBX80646I74770CPU Socket TypeLGA 1150CoreHaswellMulti-CoreQuad-CoreOperat..

Rs. 39,199

Intel CPU Core i7 4771

ManufacturerIntelModelCore i7-4771Part #BX80646I74771Data Width64-bitSocketLGA1150Speed3.5GHzCores4L..

Rs. 34,999