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Kärcher Gardening – a worldwide manufacturer for cleaning equipment is well-known for many devices out of the whole product portfolio, but for sure there’re a lot more you don’t know right at the moment. So get in touch with all our cleaning devices, accessories and cleaning agents. Kärcher exists for more than 75 years and offers a cleaning solution for every dirt problem.

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Karcher Hose Trolley Kit HT 4520

The Kärcher Hose Trolley Kit HT 4520 is a fully assembled, mobile and easy to transport solution for..

Rs. 10,499

Karcher Sprayer Control Value 4 in 1

This Control Valve is designed to be positioned between a hose and a sprinkler to regulate the flow ..

Rs. 1,499

Karcher Sprinkler Rain System

There’s no need to pray for rain with a garden irrigation system from Kärcher. The Kärcher rain syst..

Rs. 27,999

Karcher Water Timer WT5

The Kärcher WT5 water timer has four selectable modes: automatic watering, manual watering, countdow..

Rs. 6,499