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Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitors

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Beurer Activity Sensor AS 80

The Activity sensor continuously tracks physical activity and monitors quality of sleepOptimum activ..

Rs. 8,999

Beurer Activity Sensor AW 85

Activity behaviour – every step countsNotifications for calls, e-mails, texts & messages (WhatsA..

Rs. 10,799

Beurer Electronic Activity Sensor AS 50

Electronic activity sensor (calculates the activity)Sensitivity of the sensor in 5 levelsMemory and ..

Rs. 5,599

Beurer Heart Rate Measurement with Smartphones PM 200+

Receiver and chest strap provide the Runtastic app with heart rate dataSuitable for all common smart..

Rs. 6,999

Beurer Heart Rate Monitor PM 15

Ideal for walking or hiking, if continuous pulse measurement is not requiredECG-accurate heart rate ..

Rs. 3,799

Beurer Heart Rate Monitor PM 26

ECG - precise heart rate measurementAnalog signal transmissionIndividual training zone and alarmWate..

Rs. 4,199

Beurer Heart Rate Monitor PM 62

Stainless steel casing - designed to inspireECG - precise heart rate measurementAnalog signal transm..

Rs. 7,999

Beurer Heart Rate Monitor PM 80

For active sporting enthusiastsECG - precise heart rate measurementAverage and max. heart rateCalori..

Rs. 13,499

Beurer Heart Rate Monitor with Altitude Measurement PM 90

Interference-free, digital transmission (no display interference from other runners)ECG - precise he..

Rs. 14,499

Beurer Running Sensor SPEEDBOX

Digital data transmissionBattery-service life trebled: 200 hours training at 20°C possibleSimply and..

Rs. 7,499

Beurer Weight Management System WM 80

Beurer WM 80 - Weight Management SystemSenior HR monitor, diagnostic scale and Speedbox in one packa..

Rs. 24,999