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Heating Pads

Heating Pads

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Beurer 115 Cosy HK 115

ProductHK 115 CosyProduct nameHeating pad CosyTemperature settings6Illuminated switching positionsno..

Rs. 5,199

Beurer Cosy Shoulder Neck Heating Pad HK 54

ProductHK 54Product nameShoulder/ Neck heating padTemperature settings3Illuminated switching positio..

Rs. 5,499

Beurer Cosy Stomach Back Heating Pad HK 49

Extra wide rubber strap with velcro fastener makes it comfortable to wearCosy and soft heating pad m..

Rs. 5,799

Beurer Cosy XXL HK 125

ProductHK 125 Cosy XXLProduct nameCosy XXL heating padTemperature settings6Illuminated switching pos..

Rs. 6,799

Beurer Cuddle Roll KR 40

Heated side-sleeper pillowMultifunctional application: For lateral position, abdomen, back, neck rol..

Rs. 7,699

Beurer Electric Underblanket TS 26 XXL

3 illuminated temperature settingsTop side: soft fleecy fabricBottom side: fleeceDetachable con..

Rs. 13,499

Beurer Foot Warmer with Vibration Massage FWM 50

ProductFWM 50Product nameFootwarmer with shiatsu massageTemperature settings1Illuminated switching p..

Rs. 5,799

Beurer Heating Pad HK 55

ProductHK 55Product nameEASY FIX heating padTemperature settings3Illuminated switching positionsyesI..

Rs. 5,799

Beurer Heating Pad HK Comfort

ProductHK ComfortProduct nameHeating padTemperature settings3Illuminated switching positionsyesIllum..

Rs. 3,499

Beurer Heating Pad Rheumatherm Magnetic Field Application HK 63

ProductHK 63Product nameHeating pad Rheumatherm - Magnetic field applicationTemperature settings3Ill..

Rs. 5,999

Beurer Intelligent Over Blanket SMART HD 100

BSS® overheating protectionPatented electronic temperature regulationAutomatic switch off after appr..

Rs. 18,499

Beurer Mobile Heat Belt HK 72

Up to 4 hours mobile heat independed from the mains - for maximum mobilityPowerful lithium-ion-batte..

Rs. 6,499

Beurer Multifunction Heating Pad HK 58

Cosy and soft heating pad made of cosy microfibreBreathable, cosy and skinfriendlyFormfitted form fo..

Rs. 4,999

Beurer Thermal Underblanket UB 66 XXL

ProductUB 66 XXLProduct nameThermal underblanketSpecial featureXXL-SizeTemperature settings2 x 3Illu..

Rs. 13,999

Beurer Thermal Underblanket UB33

ProductUB 33Product nameThermal underblanketTemperature settings3Illuminated switching positionsyesI..

Rs. 8,799