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Dry Iron

Dry Iron

Dry Iron by All products in Pakistan at Shopone.pk

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Anex Dry Iron

FEATURESDry iron.Pilot light.Adjustable swivel cord.Light weight.Adjustable thermostatic control..

Rs. 2,899

Anex Dry Iron

Anex Dry Iron AG- 1080B consists of Adjustable thermostatic control Adjustable swivel control and Pi..

Rs. 2,899

Anex Dry Iron

FEATURESDry iron.Pilot light.Adjustable swivel cord.Medium weight.Adjustable thermostatic control...

Rs. 2,389

Anex Dry Iron

FEATURESDry ironNon-stick coated sole plate.Adjustable thermostatic controlAdjustable swivel control..

Rs. 1,999

Panasonic Iron NI 22AWT

Non-stick coated soleplateA fine gold colored non-stick soleplate enables the iron to glide more..

Rs. 2,499

Tefal Dry Iron Cixi Aluminium

DESCRIPTION :1200 WattsPTFE Non-stick sole-platePower lightCord length: 1.8 mWhite and pale blue fin..

Rs. 2,550

Tefal Dry Iron Cixi Non Stick

DESCRIPTION : Countertops Are‎:‎ Non‎-Stick Surface Coating‎- Type The Table Is‎:‎ Is Steam‎- V..

Rs. 2,899

Westpoint Dry Iron WF 197 A

Westpoint Electronics France, Westpoint appliances are sold in more than 70 countries around the wor..

Rs. 1,799

Westpoint Light Weight Iron WF 631

Westpoint WF-631 is a dry Iron without spray and help you to iron your clothes with ease...

Rs. 1,699

Black and Decker Heavy Weight Iron F 500

Dry iron1000 WattsNon-stick gold plated soleplate for smooth and non-stick ironing resultsTemperatur..

Rs. 2,699

Cambridge Dry Iron DI 328

Heavy weight1000wattnon stick basetraditional design..

Rs. 2,199

Cambridge Dry Iron DI 789

Instant heatingReliable snap-action thermostatMultiple temperature levelsNon-stick coated sole plate..

Rs. 1,399

Cambridge Dry Iron DI 7914

latest designgrey color medium weight1000wattnon stick..

Rs. 1,699

Enviro Dry Iron HI 1600

Powerful 1000-1200WPowerful Press Heavy Weight (4Lbs)Golden and Silver TeflonNon stick Sole PlateDel..

Rs. 2,199