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Dry Iron

Dry Iron

Dry Iron by All products in Pakistan at Shopone.pk

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Anex Dry Iron

FEATURESDry iron.Pilot light.Adjustable swivel cord.Medium weight.Adjustable thermostatic control...

Rs. 2,389

Anex Dry Iron

FEATURESDry ironNon-stick coated sole plate.Adjustable thermostatic controlAdjustable swivel control..

Rs. 1,999

Anex Dry Iron

FEATURESDry iron.Pilot light.Adjustable swivel cord.Light weight.Adjustable thermostatic control..

Rs. 2,899

Anex Dry Iron

Anex Dry Iron AG- 1080B consists of Adjustable thermostatic control Adjustable swivel control and Pi..

Rs. 2,899

Panasonic Iron NI 22AWT

Non-stick coated soleplateA fine gold colored non-stick soleplate enables the iron to glide more..

Rs. 2,499

Tefal Dry Iron Cixi Aluminium

DESCRIPTION :1200 WattsPTFE Non-stick sole-platePower lightCord length: 1.8 mWhite and pale blue fin..

Rs. 2,550

Tefal Dry Iron Cixi Non Stick

DESCRIPTION : Countertops Are‎:‎ Non‎-Stick Surface Coating‎- Type The Table Is‎:‎ Is Steam‎- V..

Rs. 2,899

Westpoint Dry Iron WF 197 A

Westpoint Electronics France, Westpoint appliances are sold in more than 70 countries around the wor..

Rs. 1,799

Westpoint Light Weight Iron WF 631

Westpoint WF-631 is a dry Iron without spray and help you to iron your clothes with ease...

Rs. 1,699

Black and Decker Heavy Weight Iron F 500

Dry iron1000 WattsNon-stick gold plated soleplate for smooth and non-stick ironing resultsTemperatur..

Rs. 2,699

Cambridge Dry Iron DI 789

Instant heatingReliable snap-action thermostatMultiple temperature levelsNon-stick coated sole plate..

Rs. 1,399

Enviro Dry Iron HI 1600

Powerful 1000-1200WPowerful Press Heavy Weight (4Lbs)Golden and Silver TeflonNon stick Sole PlateDel..

Rs. 2,199