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Sold Out Kenwood 3DC eInverter AC 1 Ton KDC 1204S

The new Kenwood E-Inverter promises cooling in every inch of your room and offers up to 75% energy efficiency. It is the first real 3-DC inverter AC in Pakistan with its outdoor fan motor, indoor blower motor, and compressor all built with inverter technology The inverter operates at super quiet mode and has an excellent air throw cooling the room uniformly and creating an aura of serenity.

Up to 75% energy efficient

Cools perfectly even at 50°C

Operates on as low as 150 volts

Long distance air throw

Super quiet

Hidden LED display

I-feel function operates according to the ambient temperature

Environment friendly R410A gas

100% copper installation kit

Outer comes with anti rust protection and golden condenser fins

White color

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Kenwood 3DC eInverter AC 1 Ton KDC 1204S

  • Product Code: KDC 1204S
  • Availability: Sold Out
  • Rs. 51,999


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