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Anex Kettle Concealed Element AG 4019

DESCRIPTION :Electric kettleErgonomic and fast.Modern design black plastic kettle with SS decoration..

Rs. 2,799

Anex Kettle Concealed Element AG 4020

DESCRIPTION :220V 50HZ 1850WErgonomic and fast.Modern design black plastic kettle with ss decoration..

Rs. 2,799

Anex Kettle Open Element 1.7 Ltr AG 4016

FEATURESElectric kettleSuper fast open element water boiling.Power auto-cutting safe system.Removabl..

Rs. 2,399

Anex TS-777 Kettle Concealed Element 1 Ltr

Kettle Annex AG-777220-240V 50/60Hz 1350-1700w Small ergonomic and fast. M..

Rs. 2,499

Aurora Electric Kettle ATP 350L

Stainless steel Shell.3 way dispenser water1. Cup Switch2. Auto Dispenser3. Manual DispenserFeatures..

Rs. 5,899

Philips Kettle HD9303/03

DESCRIPTION :The body of the new Philips electric kettle uses food-grade standard stainless steel,pr..

Rs. 5,199

Philips Kettle HD9306

DESCRIPTION :Philips Daily Collection Kettle HD9306/031.5 L, 1800 WWater level indicatorFood-grade s..

Rs. 5,199

Tefal Express Kettle

DESCRIPTION :Tefal KI170D10 Express Kettle 1.7 LitreBrand: Tefal  Capacity: 1.7 LRemovable anti..

Rs. 5,999 Rs. 5,599

Tefal Justine

DESCRIPTION :Justine, a smart kettle at an unbelievable price! This kettle will make your day t..

Rs. 4,499

Tefal Kettle

DESCRIPTION :Stylish kettle with a touch of metal2400W, enjoy hot tea in no time.Provides up to 1,7L..

Rs. 5,299

Tefal Kettle Express

DESCRIPTION :1.7-literStainless steel360-degree rotating baseOn/off button located on handleBoil-dry..

Rs. 6,499

Tefal Kettle Express KO299131

DESCRIPTION :Power: 2400 WCapacity : 1.5 LitreAnti-scale filterMulti baseAutomatic shutdownvisible w..

Rs. 4,699

Tefal Kettle Express Stainless Steel

DESCRIPTION :· Power 2200W·  Capacity: 1.5L·  Filter Removable anti-scale·&..

Rs. 6,199

Tefal Kettle Justine

DESCRIPTION :2400 watts1.2 litres capacityRemovable anit scale filterHinged lidBlack color..

Rs. 4,599

Tefal Kettle Justine Anti Scale Filter

DESCRIPTION :Power  : 2400WCapacity :  1.7LHeating Element  is concealedAnti-sca..

Rs. 5,199

Tefal Kettle New Express

DESCRIPTION :On/off button located on handle; Boil-dry protection with automatic shut-off360-degree ..

Rs. 4,599

Tefal Kettle New Express

DESCRIPTION :2400 Watts1.5 Liters CapacityLarge spoutRapid boil elementCordlessErgonomic handleLocki..

Rs. 4,499

Tefal Kettle Vitesses

DESCRIPTION :Power: 3000WCapacity: 1.7 LiterFilter: Removable anti-scaleLid: Hinged lockableColor: W..

Rs. 5,599

Tefal Vitesses 1L

Power: 2200 WCapacity: 1 LitreBase: 360 ° Swivel baseColour: greige FlourNylon a..

Rs. 4,299