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Laptops & Ultrabooks

Laptops & Ultrabooks

To be called an Ultrabook a laptop has to meet a set of specific requirements set by Intel

When it comes to getting work done on a portable device, tablets and smartphones are powerful options for mobile computer users, but as convenient as those devices are, there is still a useful place for laptops in most users’ hardware arsenal. However, traditional laptops are giving way to a new type of slimmed-down, high performance notebook computer known as an Ultrabook.

Prior to Ultrabooks, PC makers tried to develop another class of portable device with the netbook, but these small notebook computers were clunky, underpowered and never gained any traction with users.

Apple then came along and got the idea right with the MacBook Air, a powerful and sleek laptop that showed high-end performance was possible while still reducing the size of the notebook. Intel took notice, and wanting to bring similar technology to PC users, came up with the concept they called an Ultrabook.

Now, virtually every PC maker in existence is coming to market with their version of an Ultrabook.

While I think most people have a general idea of what an Ultrabook is, I thought it might be a good time to define exactly what an Ultrabook is, because they are actually held to a fairly specific standard, set forth by Intel.

An Ultrabook must:

  • cost less than $1000
  • have a minimum 5 hour battery life
  • be thinner than 1.8 centimeters if the screen is less than 14", or
  • be 2.1 centimeters thick if the screen is larger than 14″
  • wake up from hibernation in less than 7 seconds

There are no minimum connectivity or storage requirements as of yet, but Intel will likely be adding these to the spec for future generations.

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Dell Insipiron N3542 Core i3 4005u

Get your hands on a versatile 15" laptop packed with features for an enjoyable multimedia experience..

Rs. 39,500

Dell Inspiron N3521 Touch Ci5 3337U

 1.8GHz turbo upto 2.7GHz, 4GB, 500GB, DVD/RW, 15.6", 1GB, Ubuntu  ..

Rs. 62,500

Lenovo B 570 (Celron) 1.5 GHz

15.6" LED(Celron) 1.5 GHz320GB2GBDVD R/WDosLan+wifi+webcam+Mic ..

Rs. 35,500