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AOC 22 Inches LED Monitor USB Powered E2251FWU

The 22” e2251Fwu USB powered portable LED monitor is a must-have laptop or desktop accessory. Receiv..

Rs. 16,999 Rs. 10,999

Changhong Ruba LED 32D2000

LEDEnergy SavingUltra Narrow BezelElectronic ProtectionUSB MovieHDMI*2Wide Color Enhancer3D Comb Fil..

Rs. 20,399

Changhong Ruba LED 32D2100

Key Features:HD ReadyUltra Narrow BezelIPS PanelUSB Media PlayerHDMI*3Wide Color EnhancerAVL(Auto Vo..

Rs. 20,599

Changhong Ruba LED 32D2200

Key Features:HD ReadyUltra Narrow BezelIPS Panel�USB Media PlayerHDMI*3 Wide Color EnhancerAVL(..

Rs. 19,999

Changhong Ruba LED 32E3050

Full HD USB (Video Play Back Multi Formats)2 HDMI InputsPC InputA+ Grade PanelNarrow BazzelChan..

Rs. 19,799

Changhong Ruba LED 32E3050H

Changhong Ruba LED TV E3050 HD LED features a resolution of 720P to offer vivid, bright quality for ..

Rs. 19,999

Changhong Ruba LED 32E3800

Key Features:Premium Sound Quality - Blastic SoundA+ Class PanelSemi-sphare & Texture DesignUSB ..

Rs. 21,499

Changhong Ruba LED 39E3800

Key Features:A+ Grade Panel�EMR100HzUrdu OS SupportedUltra Narrow Bezel (Four Side)Electronic Protec..

Rs. 29,199

Changhong Ruba LED 40D2000

Changhong ruba 40" L.E.DFull HD2 u.s.b portsVGA PORTSt.v cable ports2 hdmiWith one year warranty..

Rs. 34,499

Changhong Ruba LED 40D2200

LEDEnergy SavingUltra Narrow BezelElectronic ProtectionUSB Movie HDMI*2 Wide Color Enhance..

Rs. 30,999

Changhong Ruba LED 4K UDS Smart 50E5800i

Key Features:FHD Smart LED(Android 4.4+)Digital TV (DVB-T2/C/T)Hexa Core Processor & CHANGHONG C..

Rs. 58,499

Changhong Ruba LED 4K UHD Smart 50E6600i

Key Features:4K UHD TVAdvance IPS PanelHexa Core Processor & CHANGHONG C-Store Smart Tv (An..

Rs. 66,499

Changhong Ruba LED 4K UHD Smart UD55E6600i

Key Features:Generation 2 genuine 4K-UHD(4K*2K)Advance IPS PanelHexa Core Processor & CHANGHONG ..

Rs. 74,999

Changhong Ruba LED 50D2200

USB port 2 HDMI port 2 HD AV input Power 40 watts 2 year warranty Late..

Rs. 53,299

Changhong Ruba LED 50E3800

Key Features:A+ Grade Panel�Full HD Panel(1080P)Urdu OS SupportedUltra Narrow Bezel (Four Side)Elect..

Rs. 48,999

Changhong Ruba LED 55D2200

Key Features:LEDEnergy SavingStylish Design & Ultra Narrow BezelElectronic ProtectionUSB MovieHD..

Rs. 72,699

Changhong Ruba LED Full HD 60 Inches 60D3100H

Key Features:Backlit TVElectronics Protection�Ultra Narrow BezelSliver U-Typer StandFull HD 1080pSma..

Rs. 79,999

Changhong Ruba LED Smart 32D3900i

Smart TV(Android)Dual Core & CHANGHONG C-StoreEdge LED & Narrow BezelMulti Screen Interactio..

Rs. 28,999

Changhong Ruba LED Smart 39E5808i

Key Features:Smart LED(Android 4.4+)Digital Tuner TV (DVB-C/T, Support 1200+ Channels)Quad Core�Proc..

Rs. 35,499

Changhong Ruba LED Smart 40D3900i

Smart TV‎(‎Android 4.0‎)‎Full HD ResolutionNarrow BazelDual Core & Changhong C‎-StoreSuper Styli..

Rs. 41,199


The majority of TVs manufactured today feature LED LCD technology. These HD televisions use light-emitting diodes to light up the LCD panel. LED televisions use less electricity than previous LCD models (lit by compact florescent back lights) and can be made extremely thin.

At Shop One we also stock other variations of standard LED LCD TVs including UHD TVS. Also known as Ultra HD or 4K TVs, they generate a shaper image due to the increased number of pixels, compared with traditional HD panels. There is also the option of OLED panels. These televisions light up each pixel individually, without the need for the separate light source that traditional LCDs require. OLED TVs are generally considered to deliver intense colours and deeper blacks.

It's important to consider the use when investing in a new television. Will you use for sports or gaming, is it a brightly lit room, is your space large or small. Generally choosing a television with a higher refresh rate that 100Hz will be better for gaming and sports. If you only require basic features take advantage of the cost savings for a similar size TV. Full-featured TVs will cost more but include additional components like; streaming services, 3D, built-in cameras, dual tuners, integrated PVR, voice recognition and WiFi connectivity. Considering the price of televisions today, the typical living room is best suited to a 55-inch TV. Bedrooms and smaller rooms might be better suited to 32 inch or 40 inch models.

To complete the look of our new TV, you might consider the option of wall mounting. Wires can be run into the wall for a seamless look and reduce the clutter caused by cables and other components. Appliances Online stock a large collection of TV wall mounts and brackets.