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Designjet Printers

Designjet Printers

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HP DesignJet T120 ePrinter 24 Inches

 Colour printer   Yes Maximum print speed (b/w)     Maximum printing r..

Rs. 154,999

HP DesignJet T1300 Postscript ePrinter 44 Inches

Do more in less time Thanks to the HP Designjet T1300 PostScript® ePrinter's embedded web serve..

Rs. 779,999

HP DesignJet T1500 ePrinter 36 Inches

HP Designjet T1500 36-in (914-mm) ePrinter specifications - CR356A Model size:36 inFunctions:Pr..

Rs. 654,999

HP DesignJet T790 ePrinter 44 Inches

Colour printer   Yes Maximum print speed (b/w)   1.33 pages/min Maximum printing..

Rs. 429,999

HP DesignJet T795 ePrinter 44 Inches

HP Designjet T795 44-in (1118-mm) ePrinter specifications - CR649C Model size:44 inFunctions:Pr..

Rs. 441,999

HP DesignJet T920 ePrinter 36 Inches

HP Designjet T920 36-in (914-mm) ePrinter specifications - CR354A Model size:36 inFunctions:Pri..

Rs. 426,999