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Dawlance Horizontal Refrigerator DF 91997H

Key FeaturesDual compartment- separate freezer and refrigerator compartments..

Rs. 37,999

Dawlance Horizontal Refrigerator DF 91998H

Need more refrigerator space? With the specially designed temperature control feature, convert t..

Rs. 38,999

Dawlance Refrigerator Energy Saver Plus Series ES 9175 WB

Key Features23% energy saving through ES technologyFreezer Eutactic pl..

Rs. 42,499 Rs. 40,499

Dawlance Refrigerator LVS 9170 WB

Buy Dawlance Refrigerator LVS 9170 WB for Rs. 37500 at the lowest price in Pakistan. Shopo..

Rs. 36,499

Dawlance Refrigerator LVS 9175 WB

9144225 / 8490 x 1385 x 555 mm9170 WB320 / 11.3603 x 1411 x 595 mm9175 WB350 / 12.4603 x 1511 x 595 ..

Rs. 38,999

Esquire Bedroom Refrigerator 4 CFT Single Door HM 15 DS

Esquire Bedroom Refrigerator HM 15 DS Single door Stain less sheet With food box With..

Rs. 22,599

Orient Refrigerator 5535 Ice Pearl

Temperature TolerantMaximum performance even in temperatures of up to 52ÂșCRoll BondRoll-bond is the ..

Rs. 29,499