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Security Control

Security Control

Security Control Equipment

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Electric Swing Gate 490

Electric Swing Gate was specifically designed for persons with disabilities. It has an innovative de..

Rs. 0

Flap Turnstile ES900

Contains:Mechanism,Housing,Driver board,power supplyHousing material:304 stainless steel or Cold-rol..

Rs. 0

MCD 6 Zone Walk Through Gate MCD 100

Super value metal detector door MCD-100 Walk through Metal DetectorIt is economical, practical and c..

Rs. 77,999

Mechanical Turnstile STB003

Product Specifications/FeaturesManual Turnstile:1. Dimension: 1200*280*990mm2. Uni-direction3. Manua..

Rs. 0

Parking Barrier Gate ES 600

Parking barrier gate  with 3m,4.5m,6m arm Features1.Intelligent: Auto-detects opening and ..

Rs. 0

Road Blocker RB780CR

The security road blocker is designed and manufactured by engineers with significant experience in t..

Rs. 0

Tyre Killer 786

Cost Pkr 14500/- Per FeetOur Tyre Killer is composed by heavy duty spikes that rise from the ground;..

Rs. 14,499

Tyre Killer 786 Heavy Duty

Cost Pkr 19500/- Per FeetOur Tyre Killer is composed by heavy duty spikes that rise from the ground;..

Rs. 19,499

UOUOU 6 Zone Walk Through Gate CP 200

Its exterior is made of high strength synthetic materials.It consists of 6 display areas with single..

Rs. 80,999

UOUOU Hand Held Detector GP 008

1.Fairly low consumption of battery2.high detecting speed metal detectors3.Highly Sensitive ..

Rs. 1,299

Walk Through Gate 6 Zones

Function Features: *Its Exterior Is Made Of High Strength Synthetic Materials.*It Consists Of 6..

Rs. 89,999